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RNJ Realty: Experts In Rental Properties

Our agents at RNJ Realty specialised in marketing and finding Rental Properties in Sydney to suit your needs. We are specialists of both residential and commercial purposes.

The knowledge, experience and our skills made us the one stop solution for many clients. Our professional dealers are well dedicated to the real estate market of Australia. Moreover, they are trained to help our customers achieve their property goals.

Whether you about to find a place to set up a new business, to live, or finding trustworthy tenants to occupy the investment property, our agents will make your objectives a top priority.

We are committed to providing a level of customer service that is second to none. Providing clients with an extensive market,  our experts provide options that you cannot find anywhere else.

Commercial Rental Property Service

Commercial property is a hot commodity, all around Australia. It is important to make it competitive for office space in several areas. We monitor the following things to establish a startup for your company in the market

  • Vacancy Rates
  • Unlisted Advertisements
  • Business Trends

Our experts are responsible and they understand the needs to provide good results. Moreover, they know essential things that come with running a business. We are committed to ease our customer’s workload by offering them reliable options and providing more time to focus on their daily operations.

Our Commercial Tenants Finding Service

Commercial property is an entirely different breed of Australis’s real estate, that’s why this needs to be approached with care. No need to get worried, as our professionals can do it carefully. We find suitable tenants for your convenience. Our know-how and experience in this field, provided us the best results and advantages.

Residential Rental Property Service

We know that finding a suitable, safe and reliable place to live can become a big challenge. On the other side, if you are unfamiliar with the market of local real estate, then you might get into an immense difficulty.

Don’t get to be worried and fooled by some fake dealers – Come to us straight, as we are the professionals.

We have extensive knowledge of certain suburbs, neighborhoods, and cities that can help you in precising your search and finding a good option. Our access to units, houses and every type of rental property make sure that you have sufficient choices.

Our exceptional team of experts is efficient in what we do. So with us, finding a place in a short span of time and completing all paperwork is impressive.

We help in Finding quality residential tenants

We devote all of our time and efforts hard to bring the best out for our valued customers. We try to find out tenants that suit your needs and requirement.

Why Choose Us!

Matching your expectations is our mission and providing comfort is our vision. We have the tools to help you attain your goals. Our passion and skills for real estate set us apart from others and developed a good reputation.

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