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At RNJ Realty, We Provide You A Comprehensive Property Report In Sydney!

At our exceptional service, we offer a complete Property Report in Sydney for any commercial or residential property. Our detailed information report will provide you:

  • A list of recent sales in the local area
  • Estimated value of the property
  • Other useful stats and facts

We offer reports per month to our Sydney based clients. On the other side, for your free appointment with our expert, we will also provide you an RPData property report. It’s a full information-packed report, which helps to know the history of the property’s sales. It means that with us you will have a complete information you need to sell, invest or buy.

>Being professional property dealers, we do not charge extra to our valued and respected customers. Our core aim is to provide you a brief and accurate report about the home, office or the area, you are going to buy or sell.

So Do Not Fall For The Fake Dealers, As We Are Faithful To You And Our Services!

Our Types of Reports Include:

Basic Reports Regarding Property

  • Address Details (Street Address, Standard Parcel Identifier, Lot/Plan number)
  • Council Property Number And Local Government Area
  • Utilities (Water suppliers and Power)
  • Street Directory Reference
  • State Electorates (Assembly And Legislative Council)
  • A Map of the area
  • Planning Zone Summary
  • Boundaries of Investigation

Planning Property Report

  • Address Details – (Lot/Plan number and Street Address)
  • Council Property Number And Local Government Area
  • Street Directory Reference
  • A Planning Zone map
  • Planning Zones and Overlays for property linked to the policy provisions
  • Separate overlay maps for every planning overlay that is affecting a property
  • Information on Victorian Heritage Register with links to Victorian Heritage Database
  • Investigation Areas Boundaries

Detailed Property Report

All information in the Basic property report with a Site’s dimension and diagrams (approximated distances) with approximated perimeter and area.

Bushfire Prone Area Report

  • Street Directory Reference
  • Address Details (Lot/Plan number, Street Address, Standard Parcel Identifier)
  • Council Property Number And Local Government Area
  • A statement of property’s outside or inside a Designated Bushfire Prone Area
  • A Map of the area (Bushfire Prone Area)

Choose Us To Get Your Property’s Better And Accurate Report!

It is a must that you should first get your property report process done, without waiting and being lazy. We know that your investment is important, that’s why aim to provide you the best services. Furthermore, we serve with guaranteed security, so that you and your property are in the safe hands.

So there is no need to get confused or get worried about our exceptional services. Our expert skills and area of knowledge has made us the perfect and the first choice of our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our success, and your security is our vision.

We are available 24/7 to serve you with passion and care. Feel free to call us anytime. We respond quickly and our experts provide the best suitable solutions for the property related issues.

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