Landlord Insurance Sydney

At RNJ Realty, We Know The Importance Of Landlord Insurance In Sydney, And We Take It Seriously!

Being professionals, we are highly committed to providing the best Landlord Insurance Service in Sydney. We offer our valued customers a service that guarantee as an amount of accountability. Our customers are happily provided with a money back guarantee and no strings attached.

Need Protection for your property? Make it easy with us!

We know that your property needs to be protected and for that, you need a professional service. Property Insurance not only provides you security, but also give you a peace of mind. It is better to be confident about your property that will be looked after. That’s why we take good care of your property and the contents things you provide for your tenant’s use.

For Landlord Insurance in Sydney, we offer

    • Liability

Up to $10 million legal liability cover

    • Damage

Cover for theft, fire storms and much more

    • Rent default

Optional, additional cover for the theft and rent default by tenant

Commonly Asked Questions

What should I need to do if I claim to Landlord related Insurance?

You should take all reliable precautions to prevent further

  • Liability
  • Loss
  • Damage

Contact the police as soon as you can to report any  attempted theft or theft and damage caused by intentional

  • Acts
  • Vehicle impact
  • Riots

Contact us and claim our consultants about what has happened. Our professional Claim Consultants will help you through the process of landlord insurance claims, as quickly as they can.

Do I need to complete the form for an insurance claim?

No, there is no reason to do so. All you need to do is call us, and our experts will take the details over the phone.

Do you require replacement quotes?

We do not need quotes. For your convenience, we will arrange alternatives. Furthermore, we would like to discuss this with you though call.

What documents should I need to make for a landlord insurance claim?

You will need instruction booklets, retain receipts or may be other documents that can be helpful to provide proof of your ownership in the allegation’s event. A copy of your rental agreement and details of bonds held. Our claim team will require this for the loss of rent claims. Your documents will be helpful to acquire a claim quickly.

How will my items be replaced?

We have some agreements with the suppliers to replace most of the items. We replace possessions, organise the quotes and do most possible work for you.

What should I need to do if someone else makes a landlord insurance claim against me?

Call us right away and advise our consultant of what has occurred. Furthermore, try to get the addresses and names of the witnesses, if any. There is no need to make any admissions of liability as well attempt to settle any claim that is made against you. Our professionals will advise you the steps you need to take as well as guide you through the right legal way.

Why Choose Us

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Our valued customers have easy access to a quick claims process.

    • Fast

Our online system is available 24/7, so you can sign up anytime to get connected.

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