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RnJ Realty have assisted many international buyers in the process of buying excellent properties in Sydney. If you are looking to invest in Australia, approval is usually guaranteed when you buy a new property or a property that’s completed/ under construction.

At RnJ Realty we make sure that international buyers are provided with the best service possible and all our agents are keen to provide you with positive, hardworking, helpful and can do attitude to meet all your requirements.

All investment in Australia from outside Australia is controlled by the FIRB ‘Foreign Investment Review Board’.

Before buying or making an investment property in Australia ensure that you have chosen a professional and reputable Real Estate Agent and ensure that they have excellent Property Management services to maintain and look after your property and also find the right tenants for the right properties and the most important thing is always ensure that the property has FIRB approval.

To find out more information about FIRB visit:

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