Buying Advice

Buying Advice

Buying a property may be confusing, whether you are a first home buyer or an experienced buyer our team at RnJ Realty are more than happy to assist you from start to finish with buying and selling.

Here are some steps of buying advice that we think are the most useful:

Research and Widen Property Search

  • To make sure that it will suit your lifestyle and accommodation requirements. Questions you should ask yourself are eg: what property? Unit, house etc. How many rooms? Your price range? Quiet Street? Close to transportation? Etc.

Meet your Finance Consultant

  • Discuss with your Finance Consultant to provide you with the best loan to meet your needs.

Attend open houses

  • Attend open houses of your chosen suburb and surrounding areas so you will get the idea of the price range

When you find the one that suits you

  • Ask one of RnJ’s agents to send a copy of the sale contract to your solicitor or conveyancer

Making an Offer

  • If you are considering making an offer ask one of RnJ’s agent to help you of the steps you are unsure about.

Building Inspection

  • To make sure that you are sure of the condition of the building and it will help you identify of any possible potential problems or defects.


  • Follow up with your solicitor’s advice of the contract of sale and decide if you would like to go ahead with the purchase.

Exchange of Contract

  • Once you have finalised your negotiation, you will be required to sign the contract and pay 10% deposit, your deposit will be kept in the trust account until the day of settlement (6 weeks).


  • It is advisable that you do a final inspection pre settlement takes place. To make sure that the property is in the same condition as you last inspected it and all inclusions are there as per contract.

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